The Artery is a brand new concept in artist print distribution and merchandising that relies on donation based sales to generate revenue and promote the arts. Our goal at the Artery is to bring more art to more people. Countless studies have shown that the visual arts are good for business and the community.

The Artery connects artists and patrons in non-traditional venues like coffee shops, brewerys, boutique stores, malls, bars, restaurants, schools, airports, stadiums, etc. Basically anywhere folks gather for relaxtion, entertainment, eating, or shopping. It provides easy access to high quality artwork in an engaging manner, and in doing so, naturally supports the arts and creates a buzz at our location partners.

Placing an Artery on location not only provides customers with engaging artwork to browse thru, thus spending more time, but also draws new customers seeking out the artwork from the artists we promote.

In addition, we add our location partners logo to the back of the artist’s postcards so they will enjoy more exposure aligned with the arts every time a postcard is purchased. This creates additional good will between our location partners and their customers.

The Artery is completely self-serve and requires no overhead or staffing. A small 16”x20” footprint makes it easy to place and adds color and culture into any location.

We deliver, set-up and maintain all of our Artery’s at no cost to our location partners. San Diego is our home town and pilot city for this exciting new program and we’d love to hear from you if your business could benefit from promoting the arts with this cool new concept.