Espana Garcia

España Garcia is a freelance artist currently residing in San Diego, California. She received her bachelors in art history, criticism and curating from UCSD in 2010. She moved to the U.S. at the age of ten with her family from Hermosillo Sonora Mexico. Before receiving her degree from UCSD España took her last two electives in painting. Not knowing her potential as an artist at the time, España’s professor of art, Ernest Silva, played a large roll in encouraging her to become the artist she is today. Moved by the late professor’s words “our gifts are not for us to keep,” España began exposing her art in galleries and group art shows throughout San Diego. It wasn’t long before España was commissioned on a regular basis both locally and internationally. Her acrylic paintings done on wood are inspired by street art, realism, surrealism, and the human condition.

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