Martin Ball

Philosophy of Science and Religion, and the Phenomenology of Mystical and Shamanic Experience, as well as the role of entheogens in religious and spiritual experience. For his Ph.D. dissertation, Martin performed fieldwork at the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico where he studied with a number of medicine people and researched the Mescalero Mountain Spirit tradition.

Currently, Martin works as an adjunct professor teaching Religious Studies in southern Oregon. He also provides personal healing and energy sessions for those looking to advance on their personal paths to authentic being, and enjoys servicing others as the ultimate “reality coach” for those who are truly ready to transcend their egos and embrace their true energetic natures as embodiments of the One Being. His methods are direct, immediate, and involve no ceremony, ritual, or spiritual practice, and instead rely on the direct and profound expansion into one’s fully infinite natural state of universal being.

Martin is also a prolific writer, composer, and musician. His most recent books include the psychedelic novel, Beyond Azara: A Universal Love Story, the ebook, All is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality, and the fractal art book and “owner’s manual” of God’s Handbook for Operation Human Vehicles: A No Nonsense, No Strings Attached Approach to Universal Being. In addition to these works, his most influential and ground-breaking work remains his 2009 book, Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal, Energetic Nature of Reality. Martin’s latest book, Being Infinite: An Entheogenic Odyssey into the Limitless Eternal – a Memoir from Ayahuasca to Zen, is now available.

Martin has hosted “The Entheogenic Evolution” podcast, featuring interviews with leading figures in psychedelic research and culture, since 2009. In addition to speaking at many events and festivals (Burning Man, Science and Nonduality, Plant Spirit Medicine, Peace Village, Inlakesh, Exploring Psychedelics, Mystic in the Tree, Mystic Island Festival), he organizes talks and panel presentations at local southern Oregon festivals and community events, and is the co-founder and co-organizer of the “Exploring Psychedelics” conference at Southern Oregon University, which was first held in 2014.

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