Roger Penney

Born in Quincy, Massachusetts, November 19, 1939, Roger L. Penney came to California at age 7. Like many transplanted Californians, his father discovered San Diego during World War II and moved his family west to settle in El Cajon.

Roger’s artistic abilities were evident at an early age. He knew art was his passion; and while in high school, his art teacher recognized his exceptional talent and mentored him. It was during that time he came to the realization that art would be his life-long endeavor.

He studied in Paris and New York and returned to San Diego to establish a body of work representing forty years of outstanding creativity. His exceptional mind and unusual perspective on life along with the visual aspect of his surroundings gave his art a unique look.

Roger’s life was cut short in early 1998, at the age of 58, when he passed away suddenly leaving a legacy of artwork for the world to enjoy.

Roger L. Penney, 1939 – 1998