Zee Yuransky

Zee Yuransky’s abstract artwork is done in a style called Zedism. The root word Zed is simply another way of pronouncing the letter Z. In basic geometry, the letter Z is used to represent the third dimension (Z-axis) in the Cartesian coordinate system. The style of Zedism is therefore distinguished by the use of a Z-axis projecting from the canvas plane and the incorporation of imagery within that projection.

The artist typically uses multi-sided geometric objects such as pyramids, tetrahedrons, and other complex crystalline facets to give the illusion of a three-dimensional surface structure (called a morphology) being sculpted onto the picture plane. This “virtual” three-dimensional geometry creates the illusion of a multi-facted surface structure resting upon the picture plane that is also manipulated to construct imagery chosen by the artist. Crystalline forms and tessellations (complex ordered patterns) are abundant in nature—Zedism employs these geometric connections to create an aesthetic balance playing into our innate ability to perceive nature’s intricate hidden language and cosmic patterns such that we may evolve the human condition. A key stylistic ingredient to a successful Zedist piece is the presentation of competition and/or synergy between the central imagery and underlying geometry for the forefront of the viewer’s perception.

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